Travel Medicine

Now that the summer is here, people are traveling, especially overseas to developing countries. It is common when traveling to these developing countries to obtain immunizations and preventative medicines in order to prevent local diseases.

Here at Silver medical we have a strong focus is preparing you for your trip with our travel medicine program. We can instruct you how to have a safe and healthy trip. We can teach you how to reduce the risk of disease, with the use of immunizations and other medications.

Typically most immunizations are covered by insurance. Our policy is to provide a schedule of immunizations in a series in order to protect you, while providing the service is as much of a comfortable setting as possible.

For example if you are traveling to South Africa the following immunization are recommended by the CDC before traveling:

  • Hepatitis A ( 2 injections in a six month period)
  • Hepatitis B ( 3 injections in a six month period)
  • Typhoid ( 1 injection or orally)
  • Malaria Prophylaxis ( orally)
  • ┬áRabies ( 3 injections in a four week period)
  • Yellow Fever (1 injection)

So we would provide for the patient the most prompt and convenient timeframe in order to receive these immunizations.